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Post by DM DARKDRAGON14 on Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:47 pm


DM1 General: DM DarkDragon14 / DM1 Lt.General: D4rkxSh0t
DM2 Major General: DeathDealer801 / DM2 Major General: Colski188

DM3 Colonel: Alan gamer  / DM3 Colonel: Wilksta666
DM4 Lt. Colonel: To Be Appointed/ DM4 Lt. Colonel: XxSHExDEVILxX
DM5 Captain: To Be Appointed / DM5 Captain: To Be Appointed
DMsd HCS&D Leader: To Be Appointed
DMtd HCTDM Leader: Deathdealer801
DMkc HCKC Leader: Colski188
DMd HCDOM Leader: To Be Appointed
DMtd CTDM Leader: To Be Appointed
DMkc CKC Leader: To Be Appointed
DMsd CS&D Leader: To Be Appointed
DMd CDOM Leader: To Be Appointed


xDMx Member: Mr t1957
xDMx Member: KO9z
xDMx Member: Insaniti3s
xDMx Member: Hunt MX4
xDMx Member: Dr Davos
xDMx Member: xDieZombiex
xDMx Member: Dogs Of War 13x
xDMx Member: Alan Gamer
xDMx Member: ToxicxJester
xDMx Member: TBH ShadOw
xDMx Member: xSuperior Viperx
xDMx Member: DarkLegion9
xDMx Member: Ingle94
xDMx Member: Ozgnasher74
xDMx Member: ishotu111111111
xDMx Member: Animal m4a1
xDMx Member: Bush Wacker47
xDMx Member: xDjxSmileyfacex
xDMx Member: xBlissful Ragex
xDMx Member: Mx Alliance
xDMx Member: xxCutolly69xx
xDMx Member: Kalpow
xDMx Member: Emo88
xDMx Member: xxShe Devil69xx
xDMx Member: Sckooth
xDMx Member: Nova Carbine
xDMx Member: Mog Tiimez
xDMx Member: Giddy Squirrel
xDMx Member: Houwie77
xDMx Member: Mayh3m1nkarnat3
xDMx Member: Chubby599
xDMx Member: Ironmaidens666
xDMx Member: Y4bbie
xDMx Member: Jiffsta
xDMx Member: Slugmonkey431
xDMx Member: Knave24470
xDMx Member: Cpt Ded Eye
xDMx Member: Isymiysmy
xDMx Member: Sharpcloth522
xDMx Member: MOve1ng T4rg3t
xDMx Member: o The ROnny o
xDMx Member: Devilzbite



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Age : 34
Location : Queensland
Gamer Tag : dragonlancer11 / DM DARK DRAGON
Favourite Game : black ops/black ops 2 / borderlands 2 and many more
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